Our Continuous Improvement and Customer Satisfaction

Continuous improvement at Afianna has become a way of life. One of the key strategies of all our trading services is to constantly improve our processes. Afianna Enterprise uses many customer satisfaction measurements to determine our performance in the marketplace with distributors and customers.

Afianna is always committed to serving our management, employees and host communities in a transparent, accountable and professional manner. The practices, values and the resources we bring to bear, are meant to impact positively on our reputation.
Afianna corporate governance, employee relations and community relations are as below :-

1)    Our Commitment to Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is about developing, maintaining, monitoring and controlling corporate structures and procedures to ensure that accountability, transparency, fairness and responsibility are embedded in the corporate decision making process. It is a system of ‘checks and balances’ designed to find a careful equilibrium between the interests of the different stakeholders of the organisation (shareholders, management, employees, customers, society at large).

Credible companies are built on the foundations of accurate financial reporting and good corporate governance. At Afianna Enterprise, we have taken several measures to ensure the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency are practiced throughout the Group. These include:

1.1  The formal adoption and practice of the principal responsibilities prescribed by the Best Practices of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance.

1.2  A Group-wide risk assessment review to formalise the Group’s risk management framework.

1.3  The establishment of a structured communications programme spanning formal announcements, interim results and updates on the latest developments within the Group.

2)    Our Commitment to Employee Relations

Afianna employees throughout Malaysia are very dependent for our continual success. That is why, whether they work in an office or are out in the field, we seek to provide them with a conducive working environment and the tools that will result in strong teamwork, creative thinking and effective action.
2.1     A Culture of Continuous Transformation
As part of our culture of continuous transformation, we are continuously investing in our people by providing training and career enhancement opportunities among other initiatives. Afianna Human Resources has been at the forefront of developing and implementing the various programmes that add value to the Group’s processes and people development.

2.2    In Pursuit of Excellence

Moving forward, we will continue to focus on bringing onboard employees from diverse races and cultures who are committed to working at the forefront of their respective fields and pursuing excellence. We will also work to position ourselves as the preferred employer providing challenging career opportunities and inculcating strong values that attract good employees.

3)    Our Commitment to Community Relations

Afianna believes in building enduring and mutually beneficial relationships as well as re-investing in the communities in which we operate. We understand that good corporate citizenship and effective community relations are essential to our success and we work hard to implement programmes that make a difference. As Afianna grows from strength to strength, we will continue to interact constructively and contribute positively to the host communities in which we operate. Our focus will be on building mutually beneficial ties that are characterised by mutual respect and enduring relationships.

In all these, we strive to fulfill our commitment to maintaining integrity, building credibility and value, and establishing long term relationships.